Geography of Trochos

Geography of the Disk

Climate Zones

The Wastes

The very center of the Disk. A once prosperous and fertile land, center continent has been reduced to a cracked and desolate dessert. Massive cannals of seawater run between the upheaved cliffs. Rumours of cagey traders bringing caravans of exotic goods.

The Obsidian Belt

The halo closest to the Core, it is an area of dense jungle and home to a variety of mega flora and fauna. Many civilizations have tried to settle the Belt but the land rejects most attempts to colonize it. A number of tribal nations, most notably the Yaguaro have managed to eek out. After the Purge the Yaguaro’s strength grew, what was once a primative but brutal tribal empire has become a genuine threat to all those around it. They are strongest when operating within the belt, but have gained enough power to begin pushing out.

Out Islands

Glacial fringe

Deep Ice

Geography of Trochos

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